Black Kale, Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  • Bunch of Black Kale (use around 5 leaves per person)
  • Tuscan Downs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Coarse Sea or Himalayan Salt
  • Lemons ( 1 lemon for every 4 servings)


Wash the kale with cold water and strip the leaves from the stem. I find this a really satisfying job. Put your fingers each side of the stem and rip upwards to separate the leafy greens from the coarse stem.

Place the separated leaves in a good sized bowl (I use a stainless steel one). Fill the kettle with filtered water and bring it to the boil.

When boiled, carefully pour the boiling water over the kale. Take care as it likes to bounce off the leaves and you don’t want to get scalded. If you need more water reboil the kettle.

Place a large saucepan lid over the kale and time for 3 minutes. While the kale is in the boiled water, prepare another large bowl by filling with ice and filtered water.

After three minutes, strain the kale (using a colander in the sink) and then drop into the ice water. It will turn a vibrant dark green as the cold revives the kale. Let the kale stand in the cold water for at least 3 minutes.

When cold remove from the water and squeeze firmly so all excess water is removed.

Place the kale on a chopping board and chop into 1cm strips.

Plating the dish

Take the kale and loosen it onto your serving plate. Drizzle with Tuscan Downs Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Juice the lemons and pour this over the top of the oil and kale. Sprinkle with salt and serve.

This is one of our family favourites. After rugby on cold Saturdays we have this kale served with hot sausages and baguettes as a well deserved lunch.