2020 Harvest Update

April 2nd 2020, Level 4 fruit over 3cm diameter.

April 2020

The olives have increased in size dramatically. They have changed from the very bright green to a typical olive green. Some are getting a little of the purple blush of the Frantoio variety.

The fruit is increasing in size quickly with the recent rain. We will continue to water them for one more week.

Then start to reduce the water to allow the oil to increase and improve. We anticipate harvesting late May / early June. The more developed the olives the smoother the flavours of the oil.

This all depends on the weather. Our olive grove is well sheltered so we can withstand light frosts without risk to our fruit. The main work is keeping the grass around the trees short to stop too much moisture causing mildew. Some of the fruit is 40mm in diameter and things are looking promising for the harvest.

March 17th 2020, Fruit is setting well

March 2020

The olive fruit has set well this year. The olives are between stage one and three of their development. The pits are fully formed and the flesh of the olives are beginning to grow to a full bodied shape.

This is the critical stage for the development of the oil.

Over the next few weeks the olives will start to change from a bright green to a softer yellow green and start to get a little of the purple blush of the Frantoio variety

The plants will be receiving a good supply of water to help form large fruit with plenty of oil content. Once the fruit has developed its oil and size, watering is then reduced to remove water content from the fruit and enhance the flavour of the oil so it becomes rich and fragrant.

The harvest will take place anytime from late April to early June depending on the fruit condition and risk of frost.